Curriculum Vitae

Commissioning Specialist & Software developer


Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv

Strategic Commissioning Manager.

Copenhagen Airports A/S


– Accredited Commissioning Process Authority Professional, CxAPSM, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2019.
– Accredited Commissioning Process Manager, CxMSM, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2019.
– Qualified Commissioning Process Provider, QCxP, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2013.
– Leading the Commissioning Process: Step-by-Step Strategies for New Construction Projects, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2013.
– AP Graduate in Energy Technology, Københavns Erhvervsakademi, 2013
– TEKNIQs Energy Technology award
– Electrician, industry and construction sites

Daily management and coordination of several Commissioning projects that verify the integration of building systems and facilities, aswell as managing the different interfaces in the projects. Professional knowledge that spans across a wide range of technical installations and construction processes and the subsequent operation and maintenance of buildings.

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Cx tools

Measurable requirements verified throughout the project and into operation.

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DS 3090 & Ashare G0

Execution of Commissioning according to applicable standards and laws.

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Coordination and control of all aspects of Commissioning.

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Interdisciplinary work

Dialogue-based process across professional and contractual boundaries.


Selected Commissioning References


Development and implementation of Copenhagen Airport's Commissioning process. Strategic mapping of project processes and interconnection with the Danish Standard DS 3090.


Commissioning Manager/Leader on new construction projects. Including the extension of the entire CSC, Terminal 2, parking facilities, security installations, new HVAC systems, etc.


Development and optimization of internal work processor for use in construction projects and CPH's commissioning process. Standardized and structured audits, contractor test, 1-1 test, operation and maintenance, etc.


Commissioning agent at Metro Cityringen, Control & Maintenance Center. Commissioning focusing on all installations.


Commissioning Leader on the future-proofing of refrigeration, where quality and reliability are the highest priority. Preparation of Commissioning Requirements Standard.


Commissioning agent in structuring and conducting entrepreneurial and commissioning tests on multiple projects.


Commissioning Manager for Nordea Bank. Commissioning on Nordea Bank's new domicile.


Participating in the preparation and writing of the DS 3090 Commissioning process for buildings.


Management of Commissioning activities on Axel Torv 2, including Commissioning operational-oriented review of the detailed design.


What is Commissioning

Across contractual boundaries

If the contracts for a building are based on the Danish FRI description, AB92, ABR89, etc., no party has been defined to undertake the cross-disciplinary verification. The Commissioning process ensures that there is a cross-border and contractual focus, so that installations, systems and systems work together.


Danish and American cost-benefit calculations of the Commissioning process value shows that the process is often repaid before the construction phase is over, although Commissioning costs around 0.2-1.5% of construction costs. In addition to savings on the construction costs, there is often a much greater savings on the subsequent energy and operation & maintenance - overall economical.

Commissioning tests

In an ordinary Danish building project, all the parties involved are only checking and testing their own work. They do not verify that the interfaces to other contractors work. The Commissioning process verifies and tests that the interfaces work together and complies with the owner's requirements.

Measurable requirements

The Commissioning process starts with the establishment of measurable and verifiable function-based requirements. In an ordinary Danish building project the requirements for the building are often based on softer formulations, which is the reason why the owner can not be sure of receiving what he wishes. You get what you specify!


Independent software developer

Selected projects

Cx Manager

Cx Manager is designed for managing multiple Commissioning projects at the same time. But it does also contain multiple other features to enhance each project users daily work. This is done by including personal (or project specific) to-do lists and notebooks for minute of meeting and much more.

Link: Cx Manager (English) - Link: Cx Manager (Danish)

CxManager dashboard

Nim Website Creator

Website Creator is a small and quick tool to setup a webpage within 5 seconds. Run the executable and your website is ready instantly. The website contains extensions and plugins and support blogging, backup, etc.

Link: Nim Website Creator

NimWC frontpage

Commissioning Wikipedia

CxWiki is a non-profit information page dedicated to spreading knowledge about the commissioning process in Denmark. CxWiki contains information for all involved parties in construction projects.

Link: Cx Wiki

CxWiki frontpage

Nim Home Assistant

Nim Home Assistant (NimHA) is a hub for combining multiple home automation devices and automating jobs. Nim Home Assistant is developed to run on a Raspberry Pi with a 7" touchscreen, mobile devices and on large screens.

Link: Nim Home Assistant

NimHA dashboard