Launch of Nim Website Creator version 5.0.0

As of today I'm very happy to anounce the launch of NimWC version 5.0.0

Juan Carlos started a new Pull Request, (programming language for a new feature'ish), the 10th of January 2019. The main goal back then was to add support for a Postgres database backend, but it turned out to be a major upgrade with more than +350 code submissions , which spans over 2621 new lines of code .

If you have any questions or need to help to use NimWC, do not hesitate to contacts or by submitting a issue on the Github issue page.


NimWC Nim Website Creator
Version 5.0.0 is officially released and includes many new features and optimizations. More than +350 code submissions and more than 2.621 lines of new code.

The code is open-source and you can try NimWC online

Get started using NimWC

Would like to set up a personal or business website within minutes? Have multiple functions and tools within a few clicks in the browser? Then follow the guide below, to install NimWC.

Install Nim

Nim can easily be installed with the command:

 curl -sSf | sh

Install NimWC

You can install it with Nimble or compile it.


 nimble install nimwc 


# Clone the repository
git clone

# Navigate to the folder
cd nim_websitecreator

# Set up the config file
cp config/config_default.cfg config/config.cfg

# Edit the config file
nano config/config.cfg

# Install dependencies
nimble install jester recaptcha bcrypt datetime2human otp firejail webp

# Compile NimWC
nim c nimwc.nim

# Add admin user
./nimwc --newuser -u:admin -p:password123

# Insert standard data (optional)
./nimwc --insertdata

# Run!

# Login on


Blogs and pages

  • 1 Click Blogging posts directly from browser.
  • 1 Click Static web pages directly from browser.
  • WYSIWYG & Drag'n'Drop Editors with SummernoteCodeMirror or GrapesJS.
  • Custom title, meta description and keywords for each page, SEO friendly.
  • Custom head, navbar and footer, no hardcoded watermarks, links or logos.
  • Upload files and images (private or public) directly from browser.
  • 1 language for the whole stack, including high performance modules, scripting, devops, deploy, from WebAssembly to Assembly.


  • Self-Firejailing Web Framework (It Firejails itself) Best Linux Security integrated on the Core.
  • 2 Factor Athentication TOTP
  • HoneyPot-Field
  • BCrypt+Salt password hashing
  • SQL Type-checked and Query-checked at compile-time, no SQL injections.
  • Multiple users with different ranks, role based access control.
  • Admin can choose how much CPU & RAM NimWC can use from the Admin Dashboard.
  • We recommend FreeOTP 2 Factor Athentication App because is Open Source.


  • Edit core or custom JS and CSS directly from browser, UI/UX Designer friendly.
  • Log Viewer directly from browser.
  • Auto-Rotating file Logger.
  • Server Info Page for Admins.
  • Force Server restart for Admins.
  • Edit main config file directly from browser
  • Recompilation without down times.
  • Webserver hosting your page on
  • Colored output on the Terminal.
  • Email notification on critical errors.


  • Plugin Store integrated
  • Enable and disable plugins directly from browser. Open Source or Private Plugins.
  • Plugin skeleton creator to create your own new plugins.
  • Plugins can do anything you want on Frontend and Backend.
  • Develop your own plugins - NimWC plugin repository


  • Postgres (if you are using the NimWC docker file, you do not need to install Postgres)
  • SQLite


  • High performance with low resources (RPi, VPS, cloud, old pc, etc).
  • Runs on any non-Windows OS, Architecture and Hardware that can compile C code.
  • Independent TechEmpower Benchmarks show Nim web server as one of the fastest in the world.
  • High Availability design by default.
  • Full Stack with the same programming language, including DevOps and Scripting.
  • 0 Dependency binary (Postgres/SSL/WebP/Firejail required if using it).
  • No /node_modules/, but very powerful builtin Templating engine.
  • Compile-Time precomputed arbitrary function execution is used when possible.
  • No Global Interpreter Lock, no single-Thread, no single-Core, no Interpreter. Use all your 32 CPU Cores.